Brunette woman in a striped shirt smiles after a smile makeover in Hermitage, TN

If a smile makeover sounds tempting to you, we’re here to make your dreams a reality. In this post, we give an overview of this life-changing option available at Hermitage Dental Group!

What Is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover is also known as a full mouth reconstruction. This is when we completely transform your smile to address any and all existing cosmetic and functional dental issues. We may utilize a variety of cosmetic and restorative techniques in order to fix what’s not serving you well. The result will be a dazzling smile that will leave you with the confidence to show it off. Improved confidence can contribute to positive changes in every aspect of your life, from your relationships to your career to your overall mental health and happiness!

Who Is a Candidate for a Smile Makeover?

Many of our patients could benefit from a smile makeover. Candidates may simply be unhappy with the look of their smile, but others may be majorly affected by issues like broken, or even missing, teeth. Some of our patients plan their smile makeovers to be done in advance of a major life event, such as a wedding, so that they can look and feel their absolute best on their big day.

Components of a Smile Makeover

Your smile makeover will depend on your unique situation, smile needs, goals, and budget. You can choose from a variety of different procedures to address your smile’s challenges. These can include implants, teeth whitening, veneers, bonding, crowns, dentures, Invisalign, and more!

Smile Makeovers in Hermitage, TN

Ready to take the first step toward a smile transformation? Here at Hermitage Dental Group, we have all of the services you need to completely revamp and perfect your smile, and they’re just a consultation away. Contact us today to schedule a visit!