Dental X-rays in Hermitage

What are Dental X-rays?

A dental x-ray is a radiographic image that allows us to see below the surface of your teeth and gums. These images are often necessary to find certain oral conditions that would otherwise go unnoticed. This might include looking for impacted wisdom teeth or detecting an abscess that is below a tooth. At all times, we use the best technology available in terms of taking x-rays, which delivers a safe and reliable experience for our patients.

Why might Dental X-rays be needed?

Dental x-rays can be taken on both pediatric and adult patients. We always let you know when and if x-rays are needed before they are simply taken. Some of the reasons you may need to have x-rays taken include:

  • You’re a new patient or it’s been awhile since your last set of x-rays
  • You’re coming in for a checkup appointment
  • You’re undergoing oral surgery
  • You’re coming in for a root canal
  • You’re considering orthodontic treatment and need a unique treatment plan created
  • You have a dental emergency
What Are Dental X Rays
Why Might Dental X Rays Be Needed

Who is a candidate for Dental X-rays?

The majority of patients coming into our office are good candidates for dental x-rays. This is because we are able to monitor changes and conditions that would go unnoticed otherwise. We will review your health and medical history prior to any radiation being used. It’s important to note that we take every precaution available to keep our patients safe when radiation is in use.

What happens during the Dental X-ray process?

Our trained and highly skilled dental professional will place a lead apron over your body. This will prevent any radiation from hitting you while it is in use. We then place a small device inside of the mouth behind specific teeth. The machine is aimed at the device and the x-ray is taken. The professional then moves the x-ray device to another area and the process is repeated. We may take several x-rays at one appointment, and a full set of x-rays will include many more. You can expect to have x-rays taken at the majority of your dental appointments.

If you think you need new dental x-rays, call us today so that we can get you in for an appointment at your earliest convenience.