Brunette woman in a plaid shirt cringes in pain and touches her cheek due to bruising after root canal therapy

Is Bruising After a Root Canal Normal?

It can start off as a severe toothache and then bring on swelling, sensitivity, and even a fever. A tooth infection can be extremely stressful — but root canal therapy is designed to help stop the infection in its tracks and save your smile.

Hermitage Dental Group offers gentle, pain-free root canal therapy at our dental office in Hermitage, TN! Let’s take a look at the root canal procedure and the post-op recovery process.

What Happens During Root Canal Therapy?

When you have an infected tooth, the infection can spread all the way to the pulp, or the soft innermost tissue of the tooth. Root canal therapy helps prevent an existing tooth infection from spreading deeper to the bone, which can result in tooth loss.

During root canal therapy, your dentist will drill a small hole in your tooth and flush out all of the infected tissue. To replace it, they will use a material called gutta-percha to fill the tooth. Lastly, they will then seal the root canal up with a composite filling. Depending on how much damage the tooth has sustained, your dentist may place a crown over your tooth to protect it.

Root Canal Post-Op Care

It will take a few days for your tooth to heal after a root canal. Immediately after your treatment is over, you might experience some swelling and pain, so we recommend you ice your cheeks to provide relief. You may also experience some bruising in the days following your procedure. Rest, eat soft foods, and brush gently around your tooth until it fully heals.

We’ll provide you with custom aftercare instructions, but please give us a call if you experience any complications after your treatment and we’ll get you in the office as soon as we can.

Affordable Root Canal Therapy in Hermitage, TN

If you have an infected tooth, we can help! Contact us to schedule an appointment and take a look at our flexible financing options to learn more about how we make our treatments as affordable as possible.


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