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At Hermitage Dental Group, we want to make sure that each of our patients not only get the necessary & quality dental care  that they need, but that they are also endowed with resources to keep their smiles bright and healthy. That’s why Dr. John Friedmann and his staff have created this dental blog!

Take a moment and browse some of these articles and let us know if you ever have any topic suggestions or would like to schedule an appointment at our dental office in Hermitage, TN

Illustration of problematic wisdom teeth that need to be removed

Things to Know Before Wisdom Teeth Removal

Do you have a wisdom teeth removal appointment coming up on your calendar? While you may not be super excited about it,  you’ll be grateful you took care of getting these problematic teeth removed. As you get ready for the appointment, here are several things that you should know: 1. Post-Procedure Discomfort Is Normal While

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roman sleep apnea

What Is Sleep Apnea?

In our blog post, we explain what sleep apnea is & how it can be treated. Please contact our office with any questions!

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